Its a design time of year

As we head into our cooler winter months I tend to use my time in the workshop for a bit of playing around and creating new designs. It's a great time to do this as people tend to hunker down a bit so I take advantage of this and work on all the ideas I have had over the year but have not had the time to develop and hone as I am usually busy producing and supplying my online store and physical outlets. 

I relish this time as I feel it's so important to take the pressure off yourself at some time over the year and allow your mind to just flow and do a bit of trial and error at the workbench. I do this with my painting too. Like with my jewellery, my painting ideas are always on the slow boil in my mind. I tend to try and get the ideas out of there and onto paper, maybe only in a basic way at first but it's the start of the creative process which ends with the finished product. 

I also draw inspiration from my environment. Living near the beach and going there most days feeds my body and soul and my creative force.